Tracking all sources from external landing pages



Hi everyone

Im trying to tracking a landing page from the site to Hubspot app, but he need also check all contact sources (Organic search, social media…), its appears like: “Offline source”.

it’s possible?


@Cristian_Pacheco Does he have the tracking code installed on the page? How are the contacts getting into HubSpot? Through the forms API?

  1. yes, it has
  2. Through the forms API with the api function: createOrUpdateUser


@Cristian_Pacheco You should be using this endpoint in the Forms API

In there you can pass in the hubspot user token to link up the cookie and get the original source.


mm ok

is necessary embed a unique form from Hubspot to my site, right?


@Cristian_Pacheco you can embed a form if you want and it will take care of all of it for you. Or you can have a custom form and use the Forms API.


works fine now! my error was an incorrect endpoint

thanks for your support


no problem, glad it’s working. let me know if anything else pops up