Tracking codes; Organic traffic Information hasn't been recorded


Hey there,

Lately on my website with, we have lost our ability to see organic traffic of any kind. I believe this has something to do with tracking codes, and I was directed to installing the new plugin for Wordpress, called "Contact Form Builder for WordPress – Conversion Tools by HubSpot", and disabling the "Tracking code for Wordpress" plugin. After doing so and looking at more articles, I had gone into the theme editor and looked at the footer.php files and found this right before the body tag:

<?php echo inc_get_footer_tracking_code(); ?> <?php wp_footer(); ?>

Is this coding correct? Is there something I'm missing here or a place I should look to figure out why our organic traffic is not being recorded?

Any and all help is appreciated!


Hi @2931204, That tracking code looks correct as per the plugins here ( I'm not aware of any current issues that wouldn't allow the tracking code to track leads solely from organic traffic. As long as the tracking code is firing on your site you should be all set. The tracking code looks like it's firing!