Tracking CTA wich open a popop


Hi there!
I used a Call to Action to open an Hubspot Form in a popup.
But doing this, i obviously cancel the target of the CTA.

And so, my CTA's tracking click isn't working anymore.

How can i have both a CTA which open a popup and still be tracked ?



Hi @Sebastien_Chronogolf,

The default CTA tracking requires a number of query parameters in the destination URL to function properly. It might be simpler to create a custom javascript event for when the button is clicked.


Great. But only available with Hb Entreprise :confused:


Hi @Sebastien_Chronogolf,

Ahh I see; you're right, that requires an Enterprise subscription. I don't believe there's a way to customize the CTA scripts to track clicks that don't lead to a new page, given the way CTAs function. You could either open a new page, or perhaps navigate to another page that almost immediately redirects back to the original page & opens the modal? There isn't really any built-in way to do this; any solution using HubSpot CTAs will be a custom workaround.


You can always use Google Event Tracking as well if you wanted to track it. onClick="ga('send', 'event', 'CTA', 'Popup', 'Form Name[or use the form id]');"