Tracking CTAs outside of Hubspot


I am looking for clarification on exactly how the tracking works with embedded CTAs on an external site.


Site A has a Hubspot tracking cookie and a CTA embedded on a page. When clicked, the CTA directs to Site B (our web app) and injects query params into the url. Site B does not have a Hubspot tracking cookie because we don’t track anything Hubspot related inside our web app.

My question is, will the CTA be tracked when a user clicks on the CTA on site A, or does site B need to have a cookie to catch the params in the url?

Ideally, I would like not to have to install a cookie in our web app because we convert users into contacts with the Contacts API when they signup (via POST request).

The last concern is, if the CTA is tracked when a user clicks it, is it possible from within Hubspot to disable the query params? It causes an issue with navigation with our web app and I would rather not have to write code to remove it myself because that opens up a slew of other issues with routing and our own params.

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Hi @guru

Clicks to CTAs are tracked through a click-tracking server that then redirects to the target URL, so clicks would be tracked even if the CTA points to a page that doesn’t have the tracking code installed.

There are not any options at the moment to disable the query parameters added by the CTA.


Great, thank you for the explanation @dadams!