Tracking down our developer portal


Hi there,

We’ve been using Hubspot for almost 2 years now and someone set up a developer portal in their account, got the API key and then used it in our production codebase. Now that someone doesn’t work for us anymore and we don’t know who it was that set up the developer portal.

We need to track it down, so we can start looking at the API tab in the developer portal to investigate what is calling the API in Hubspot. I tried contacting Hubspot customer service but after a long back and forth, they asked me to ask here on the forums.

Does anyone have an idea how we can get access to the developer portal that is associated with our production API key?


Hi @Alena,

An API key is tied to a production portal; are you trying to find the developer portal that contains your app?


Yes that is exactly what I’m looking for. I have the API key and the portal ID but we don’t know who’s account the developer portal is in. Can you help?


@Derek_Gervais do you have any more insight into how I can accomplish this?


Hi @Alena,

I sent you a direct message related to this issue.