Tracking form field answers



Hi there,

It's my first post, as I'm getting up to speed on how to customize Hubspot for my needs. Right now, we are moving to Hubspot's forms.

One thing I am trying to replicate from our current setup is tracking when a user fills in different parts of a form. In the non Hubspot setup, an event is fired to Google Analytics once a valid input has been detected for a form field. How is this achievable in Hubspot forms?

I noted the hsvalidatedsubmit that is triggerd by the Hubspot form's script (v2.js) when there is a validated form submission, and saw the work arounds in this forum to ensure GTM triggers are fired before page reload (for form submission events with validated input). Is there a similar thing for validated form field inputs?

NB: form field would match Hubspot's definition (as per the user interface Ädding form fields" in; and by the CSS class identifier hs-form-field note in




Hi @p_b,

Just to make sure that we're on the same page, you're looking to fire an event when a valid input is detected in one of the form fields? This isn't a built-in functionality of HubSpot forms, but you could try something like using jQuery .change(handler) to detect when the input value has changed.


Hi Derek,

Thanks for the reply and confirmation that .change is probably the way to go! It is what I have implemented.

How are changes to the Forms javascript announced? (We want to build a form wizard / multi step form. I am debating between piggy backing on the existing Hubspot javascript or building a customized form that takes the forms api and then populates the wizard accordingly).


Hi @p_b,

Product changes will be announced through the normal product updates channels (, and developer-related changes will be announced here on the forums under the Announcement category. We can't directly support non-documented functionality, though, so to completely avoid breaking changes I wouldn't recommend customizing the forms embed code outside of what we have documented below:


Thanks for that, so the Forms API is probably the way to go. Is there a roadmap on what Hubspot plans to do with forms, particularly the UI side of things?

For example, being able to build a wizard / multi step form (e.g. Jotform Cards has a nice feature




Hi @p_b,

There isn't any roadmap at the moment, any product changes /betas will be announced through existing channels. I'm not aware of any plans regarding multi-part forms or wizards, but I would definitely agree that the forms API is the best route for heavy customization.


@p_b I built a prototype to extend the functionality of default HubSpot forms for Wizards/Multi-Step experiences that you might find interesting/helpful.

Here's a blog post about the tool and a short video demo:

We're working on getting this into a working beta - but we need feedback first - would you be willing to fill out our feedback survey at the link above?