Tracking page that a form was submitted on, on an *external* site?



I embed a single HubSpot form – a generic “sign up now!” form – on many external pages on my own (non-COS) website.

I’d like to be able to track the page that users submitted this form on, so that I can build specific lists much like how the List builder lets you do with HubSpot hosted pages, but without having to put separate/unique forms on every page.

I’d be awesome if I could use it with the List builder, as you can do if you use COS pages:

What are best practices for accomplishing this? The hacky workaround that I am considering: adding a hidden field to the form called “page_path” or something, and pushing the window.location.pathname into that field on page load… Is there a better way?


@etlingfs I have the same problem. I try a smartlist with contact has filled out “Form Name” AND contact property Recent Conversion has ever contained the word “URL Path”. But this brings not the correct number of contacts.

Does your workaround list bring the correct number of contacts? And which properties do you use in your list?

Regards Marc



I never got around to implementing my hidden field / pathname idea. But now that you’ve brought it up I will give it a try and see what kind of results I get and report back. :smiley: