Tracking script is not working with PhoneGap App



We need some information about when tracking code is not working with site or app. How we can check with one is conflicting ? We need to send some contact leads to Hubspot but need to get the hubspotuk cookie from script . So the main issue is script is not working in our Phone Gap App

Can you Please let me know how we can check ?



Hi @Shilpa_Sood,

Generally, the best to troubleshoot issues with the tracking script is to inspect the script in action client side. I don’t have any hands on experience with PhoneGap but it looks like you can use the Chrome’s browser tools to inspect what is happening.

If we can see a little more specific on where this is breaking down I may be able to help more directly.



Hello Zack

Thanks for reply!!

Actually when we create the phone gap that doesn’t run in browser and when we add that script in app code (phone gap). So like the google analytics separate code for app ,Is there any another code that work with phone gap easily

Shilpa Sood