Tracking user interaction on non-hubspot pages in China


Apologies in advance for the length of this question.

Our website is linked to HubSpot by JavaScript as many of the pages are database driven with many different levels of access allocated by user roles. A lot of our customers are in China and we have had major problems tracking their interactions on the site.

We are using the Javascript API to identify users, loading this javascript at the footer of the page. Some basic PHP code to show what we are doing is shown in:

Essentially, it is as follows:

  • Anonymous visitor comes to the website
  • They browse to a web form and submit it with their personal details
  • We create the contact in Hubspot via the API
  • We load javascript on the page to identify the visitor with their hubspot contact via their email address.

The results look very different to our server logs - see:

This shows the results stored for the browsing history of one Chinese contact - xmos and HubSpot. There are some obvious issues:

  • we have browsing history before the contact registered in Aug that is not available to HubSpot as you can’t read the cookie we use on anonymous interactions.
  • some file downloads in Sept are not registered in HubSpot because they depend on us sending the information across to HS via the EventAPI and this has not happened recently - anything related to voice/lib_dsp etc

But there are other major discrepencies looking back at early activity which are typical of the problems we’ve had:

  • HubSpot has no track of any browsing activity in Sept but it has clearly been going on, the HubSpot record stops randomly after 22 Aug
  • There are static webpages pages visited after the contact first registered in early Aug but none of these are recorded in HubSpot
  • There are huge amount of duplicate FormSubmit:login events recorded for exactly the same time

Any explanation of what might be happening here and use of the Javascript would be appreciated.