Transactional email in "promotions" tab in gmail


I receive the transactionall email send throught hubspot in promotions…
It’s for example account confirmation email with a link to validate subscription. It’s very painfull to receive those emails in that “promotion” tab.
How can I avoid this kind of email behaviours ?
The only solution I can imagine is using an other service to send email, but Hubspot should be able to do that…


Hi @Matthieu_Brau,

Email sending platforms like HubSpot have no control over the placement of emails in Gmail, and there is no proven way to “beat” Gmail’s algorithms. This is true for all types of email. I’ve included some documentation on the topic below:


Hello Derek,

We are sending other transactional email throught mailchimp and those
emails are received in principal inbox not in promotion tab.

With this problem workflow tool is unusable in our case…
Is Hubspot the good solution to do transactional emails ?
What is the alternative ?




Hi @Matthieu_Brau,

The Gmail mail placement algorithms take a number of factors into account. IP reputation, user engagement, and user preferences all contribute to where an email ends up in a user’s inbox. It’s important to remember that transactional emails can be treated the same as any other type of email by inbox providers.

Are you/your recipients moving the emails from the Promotions tab to the Primary tab? Gmail learns user preference based on engagement like that, so it’s advisable to move the emails any time you find them in the Promotions tab.