Transactional Email via Single-Send API



I tried to use oauth to test Single-Send Email API. However I’m getting below error. Our account has Transactional email enabled and the access token is authorized to send email.

POST /email/public/v1/singleEmail/send

“status”: “error”,
“message”: “This oauth-token (CIC6qoX8KhICWwEYsfuaASCKgNIBKIqfAjIZANAP7PeqTpjOoQAJVraI-8DoKyRvFNDfDw) does not have proper permissions! (requires any of [transactional-email, transactional-email-api])”,
“correlationId”: “1b4ffbd3-32db-4f56-b116-ee8f57794f06”,
“requestId”: “6b1ff76d-d567-41fb-8198-1f9091501917”


Hi @red_hubspot

Sorry for the delay on getting back to you on this. At the moment the Single Send API is not supported with OAuth. This is something we’ll likely be adding but at the moment you’ll need to use a hapikey for this.


I’m having the same problem, a year and 4 months later. Are there any official plans or a time estimate for when the single-send API will work with oAuth?