Transactional sends failing with "missing content"


We just started getting erorrs when calling the single send API with responses about missing content. I’ve looked at our account and the templates definitely exist. Here is a dump of an error:

{“status”:“error”,“message”:“Could not find content with ID 4689568617 for portalId 1879694”,“correlationId”:“403f765c-39ef-45ca-9a4d-31f213eedabd”,“sendResult”:“MISSING_CONTENT”,“requestId”:“286e71d663723e9917229e78eb2a3196”}

Any help would be greatly appreciated, all of our emails are now failing (started erroring this morning).


Ah yes - snap. It started at 17:48 our time (GMT)


We’ve been experiencing the same issue for the past 3 hours. Doesn’t seems to happen to each API call, but quite often.


I just called support - and apparently they are aware and looking at it


@mstrum @Nigel_Morse @AlexM our Email team is looking at this now, we should have it fixed shortly.


Thanks for the update!


Looks like it’s working now. Thanks


Sorry for the wait, as @Nigel_Morse mentioned this should be fixed. Let us know if you’re still seeing that error.