Transferring email addresses using Form API


We're currently using a Hubspot form for people to start a free trial of our product using their G Suite domain. As people often want to sign up for a trial using a test domain that doesn't have an MX record, these people are not able to fill out the form. So, we were thinking of using a custom form that allows for any email address, and using the Hubspot Form API to send these emails to the email field in Hubspot. Will this work, or will the email addresses without MX records still not be transferred to the Hubspot email field?

Thank you


Hi @bonniebailly,

Free email addresses (e.g.,,, and others) should only be rejected from native HubSpot forms if you have the Block free email providers box checked for the given form, per this article. Is this why many free trial requests are failing?

As noted here, the Forms API doesn't perform any validation on the fields included in the submission data, so you won't run into roadblocks using the API, but I think the easier method may be to allow free email providers on the existing form.