Translate radio field labels



I’m using embed code from a Hubspot on this page
I’ve figured out how to determine what other labels say, including First Name, Last Name, etc., but I haven’t been able to figure out how to change the label for a radio select.
Below is what I have so far. All labels are translated except the radio button for “Spool”.
Does anyone have any ideas on what I may be doing incorrect? Thanks! Robert
fieldLabels: {
firstname: “Vorname”,
lastname: “Familienname”,
phone: “Telefonnummer”,
email: “E-Mail”,
company: “Firma”,
address_line_1: “Adresszeile 1”,
address_line_2: “Adresszeile 2”,
city: “Stadt/Ort”,
postcode: “PLZ”,
country: “Land”,
purus_wire_packaging: “Welche Art von Drahtverpackung verwenden Sie zurzeit?”,
purus_diameter: “Welchen Drahtdurchmesser verwenden Sie zurzeit?”,
spool: “Spule”,
message: “Ihre Nachricht”