Tricky report needed, any suggestions welcome




I'm a bit at a loss and would welcome all suggestions. I have a task to create a segment of contacts, with 2+ deals where there were no tracked manual interactions between deal submissions. In other words, contacts who produce deals without extra efforts from the company side.

The front assault solution I figured is to get all contacts with 2+ deals, grab all their engagement events, grab all their associated deals' creation dates, sort all that info by a timestamp and query out the rest. I'll need to dial it down around API hit limit, do intermediary storage, etc.

Does anyone see another way to create such a report, hopefully, a less complex one?


Hi @mad,

I think your approach is probably the best way to go about things; there are a couple of ways you can optimize the process that might help: First, you don't necessarily need to pull all engagements. You could instead use one of the following contact properties that are set automatically by HubSpot based on user actions in the contact record:

  • Last activity date - the last time a note, call, sales email, meeting, or task was logged for a contact.
  • Last contacted - the last time a call, sales email, or meeting was logged for a contact.

This gives you all the information you need if the property's timestamp is before or between the create dates of the deals. If it's after, you'll need to actually investigate whether or not there was an engagement between the two deals.

Also, if you have access to the Lists tool, you can offload a lot of the filtering there. You can create an active list that has all contacts with 2 or more deals, and then pull only the contacts in the list.

I look forward to hearing form other community members who might have come up with a different solution!