Trigger email on contact update via API


We have a project is taking leads from an MQL list and going through a very complex lead allocation process to decide which partner should be given the lead. Once the decision is reached, the contact is updated and the lead added to the chosen partners static lead list. Hubspot CRM is not being used.

When this process is done manually through the Hubspot UI, an email is triggered to the partner. This is not happening when the contact is updated through the API.

In detail, what the program is doing is:

  1. Doing an update on the contact, using: /contacts/v1/contact/vid/{0}/profile
    The specific fields being updated are:
  • hubspot_ownerid
  • assigned_partner
  • status
  1. Adding the contact to a static list using: /contacts/v1/lists/{0}/add

So there are two questions:

  • should the email be triggered?
  • is there another field or API call that we need to make to trigger the email?

Any suggestions welcome





This question is probably better suited to our support channel, but if you can direct message me with your portal ID and some links to examples of both contacts that worked as expected and some that didn’t I’m happy to take a look.



Hi Seb

Thanks for coming back. We have been through support - they suggested coming to the developer forum.

Newbie question - how do I direct message you?




Hey @DavidE,

Click on my handle and then select message.