Trying to access a value via developer info (hubl code)


Hi there,

I’m trying to access a value which is visible via the Hubspot Developer info - however, it just doesn’t print on the page.

We have a site that has 2 languages - Dutch and English - the pages are translated.

So when checking out Developer Info’s JSON - I should be able to print

{{ }}

However it does not…

When I try

{{ content.translated_content}}

it prints:

{nl=home (nl) nl, id: 5416899598, slug: nl/}

It looks like we can only access values to a certain level.

Does anyone have any ideas?

kind regards


Hi @benvanlooy,

Thanks for your patience here, this topic slipped under my radar. This is actually a known issue; I’ll monitor the issue internally and reach back out on the topic when I have more information.


Thanks Derek!

Do keep us updated - it’s so so so handy to be able to use the developer info to find & use values from there.

I hope this bug can be fixed very soon :wink: