Trying to post a Timeline event, getting no response


I’m trying this:

curl -X PUT -H “Content-Type: application/json” -H “Authorization: Bearer TOKEN HIDDEN” -d ‘{
“id”: “f0912ij3jsfo1k1”,
“eventTypeId”: “19466”,
“email”: ""

And am getting no response.

The auth code seems right, the event type ID is right, the APP ID is right, the email is right. But I’m getting nothing back :frowning:


Hi @yoni,

It looks like you don’t have a header defined for that event template. Can you add a header and then try to create an event again?


That worked. It’s not really clear that it’s needed. The developer UI
should require this information (there’s an exclamation sign there but it’s
hard to notice). Also, would be great if the template syntax was elaborated
in the page where you enter it and not require looking through the API


Hi @yoni,

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll revisit the Timeline API documentation. If you have the inclination, I’d also recommend you leave feedback directly on the Timeline API documentation.