Turn any existing contact first name in first letter uppercase




I think this could be useful for anybody in this community.

Many of our contacts don't enter their name with the first letter in caps.
This results in many emails and smart content displaying names such as "Hi johnny" or "Hi JOHNNY"
Personally, I don't like when my name is not properly displayed. Actually, nobody does :s

I guess this could be avoided for future contacts created by adding a bit of css in forms, like this:


My question is how could I apply this to any existing contact first name and name, so we could clean up the whole database?



Hi @Jeromecollomb,

To be honest, the simplest solution would probably be to manually export your contacts into a CSV, use excel to correctly capitalize the names, and then re-import the CSV. It's definitely possible to create an integration that pulls contacts via the Contacts API, checks for proper formatting, and then updates the necessary contact records. A solution like that might be a bit overkill, but it's definitely possible. I'll include the Contacts API docs below, for reference.


Thanks @Derek_Gervais,

Wouldn't exporting and reimporting contacts mess with any existing properties such as contact create date etc...?



Hi @Jeromecollomb,

Not if the only properties you're including in the re-import are email and firstname. The import tool automatically deduplicates based on the email property, so it'll update existing records in HubSpot instead of replacing/creating new records.