Two forms on one html page not displaying in Firefox?


I copied both form embed codes onto this page and they both do not display on a visit to the page. It does display if you refresh the page though? Anyone else coming across this problem?

Screenshot of Firefox no form display.

Screenshot of IE and Chrome with form display.
Looks like I cannot post a second picture… sorry… but i imagine you get the idea.


Hi @mike

I wasn’t able to see that problem on my system, in any browser (including Firefox), but I did see a similar issue when clicking between the tabs. It looks like the JavaScript is stripped out when you load the Trial tab, so if you start on the Upgrade tab, then switch to the trial, the JavaScript isn’t actually loaded, so the embedded form is never created. It looks like the same thing happens if you start on the Trial tab: I see the forms normally when I load the page on the Trial tab, but if I switch to the Upgrade (or any other) tab, and then back to the Trial tab, the forms don’t load when going back to the trial tab.

Looking through the DOM, inside the tabsContent div, I do see the IE 8 HTML comment from the embed code in both of the writecomment divs, but the rest of the embed code is missing.