Two Step Embedded Form on Website Not Submitting Email Consistently



I’m wondering if the HubSpot cookie actually stores the information found from form submissions and URL’s or if it’s relying on the data to exist in our portal first? If it’s storing the data in the cookie, is there a way to get the page to load after the cookie has loaded?

Here’s why:

We’ve tried to embed our HubSpot ‘Email Only’ form on our website. This form captures an email address then the embed script is setup to redirect to our complete demo form (also a HubSpot embedded form).

Right now we’re testing it using Optimizely, so not everyone will see the email only form, but it should appear here at the bottom of the page.

Once the form is completed they are redirected here:

I have noticed the email will transfer to the demo form if the page loads a little slower, but I can’t tell how fast the HubSpot cookie should be grabbing the email address.



Hi @misterizzo,

Form submissions are processed asynchronously so that page loads are as fast a possible, therefore there is no guarantee that the contact will have been created by the time the next page loads.

The cookie doesn’t really store any information about the contact, it’s really just a pointer to the contact. I recommend customizing the form embed code according to this page to write to local storage onFormSubmit, then the second form can read from local storage onFormReady.



Hey @zwolfson,

Thanks for saying that. After I wrote all this stuff out I ended up telling my dev team to do just that. I’m glad you were able to confirm that it should work if you store the values locally.