Types of widgets are present in COS pages


We are working on one hubspot application. The main use of our application is to translate existing hubspot content in different languages. Hence, we also want to translate pages in different languages as asked by user.

We are using COS page API to get all the pages and its content, Pages can contain different types of widgets such as header, call to action, rich text, form etc. Now the problem is we don’t know how many other types of widgets are supported in hubspot pages. We need to know that so that we can parse information from that widget and translate in different languages.

Can any one provide me information what all type of widgets are supported pages with json content?

Also I see two different keys in page json. widget_containers and widegtcontainers. I believe this happened cause you guys changed key name in next version of API. My concern is how often we can expect changes in hubspot APIs? Cause if is happening frequently our application will break more often.

Already json response in doc page and actual response from API is not matching.

Thanks You so much in advance.