Un authorized(401) on custom timeline api event



Hi, I have created a custom timeline event and then created a process to obtain an OAuth 2 token. In my request for the token, I included the following scopes, and obtained an access token: contact and timeline.In my application, I have set up a call to the api, here: https://api.hubapi.com/integrations/v1/:app_id/timeline/event 1"; where “:app_id” is my application id for my developer account. I sent a put request to the URL above, with header containing the access token, as described in the docs.However, when I send the data to that URL, I receive the reponse: StatusCode: 401, ReasonPhrase: ‘Unauthorized’ But in my developer account when I check the monitoring option inside my custom app the event is successfully executed with status code 204, but the event is not coming under the timeline event of the contact. My Request Header Content-Type : application/json Authorization : Bearer CObyncv5LBICQQEY7YK7AiD48qYDKLmfCzIZAGV1RnhmWbyu_iLLvQ9ctacxb2lTsZosdzoPAAAARwAAAAAAAAAAAAABQhkAZXVGeAWfeK-AxdWOzS6YGBeFKlCnbK0z Request Body { "id":"332cae07-e598-482d-8103-abb89eb996cd", "email":"abc@gmail.com", "eventTypeId":"381037", "FavoriteListName":"Favorites1", "ContentId":"75161927818", "Link":"https://localhost:60876/en-US/Categories/Elastomers/Silopren-CLS-8150", "ProductName":"50 Self-bonding, Liquid Silicone Rubber" } Please help me to solve this issue


Hi @Renjith_M_Shaji, thanks for reaching out. Please in the future refrain from posting your Access Tokens here as this is a public forum. Can you reply with your application ID so I can take a look, as well a link to a contact where this event is not posting? Thanks!