Unable to associate contact with ticket


When creating a ticket via the api, I am able to populate all of the standard fields as well as the custom ticket fields I have created. However, I am putting a confirmed and valid customer VID with the property 'created_by' as stated in the documentation. However that contact is not being associated when I look at it after it has been created. It shows no contacts associated.


Hey @Anton_Litvinenko were you able to take a look at this? I am for sure sending over a correct contact VID in the created_by field, getting no errors in response. ticket is created. but no contact is associated. We still have to manually do that ourselves. Our hub id is 4300863.


Hi @nathanbarrett!

I am not a HubSpot employee, so I can't really take a look at your hub or do anything, but i think you can't associate ticket with a customer through created_by property. The correct way is to use CRM Associations API for that: https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/crm-associations/crm-associations-overview (more specifically https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/crm-associations/associate-objects) with the right definitionId

Hope this helps!