Unable to Create Company and Contact


I have created a developer account, I am trying to create a company by using API but it’s show me the error “This hapikey (70692180-f624-46c1-ab0a-a52df8ae309b) does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [contacts-write])”. When I am logged in through your demo portal here I can find Dashboard, Contact, Contents etc. for Marketing and Dashboard, Contact, Companies etc. for Sales. But when I am logged in by my developer account I am unable to get anything from them. Please let me know what’s wrong at my side.



Hi @vineet,

When you make the request to create a company, are you using the HAPIkey for your developer portal? Developer portals don’t have access to contacts, or any other of the normal tools, they just the developer tools (creating apps and test portals). Did you create a test portal for this? Test portals are separate from the developer account, so if you’re creating contacts in the test portal, you’d need to log into the test portal (which you can do from the Test Portals dashboard in the developer account) to see any contacts.