Unable to create new contact


Hi, noticed that only a partial percentage of contacts get to hubspot from segment, so trying to see how hubspot works by loading the script and making two basic calls identify and track, but it's not creating a contact (here's the source https://paste.ee/p/PzQtj#Nz1wxF5yVPCpLZJFQoc3DovbJ6rfio9u )

The account in the source is for a free account, but I'm working for a company that have a paid account), I'm not sure if this is related with allowed domains...

The script is load successfully as you can see from the network tab, 200 status

you can find some live code here: https://jsbin.com/qupacefavo/1

You'll notice that even though I do _hsq.push(['trackPageView']), there's no POST in the network tab...


Forget it, it's actually showing in the contacts page now. Not sure why it wasn't showing up.