Unable to figure out property names when using API




I'm looking to fetch properties of contacts using API, since each property has a different name while fetching from API, I wanted to know these names for these columns:

Number of Form Submissions
How many people are in your maintenance department ?
Forms Filled
What is your implementation time-frame?
Are you currently using a CMMS?
Personalized Demo
Joined Webinar / Demo
Emails Clicked
Industry Select
Industry (Hippo CMMS)
Title (for Salesforce)
Job Title (Hippo CMMS)
Job Title
Country Limited
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Where can I find names for these properties for API?

Eg: 'Emails Opened' is named as 'hs_email_open' when called from API

Also,some of these columns are custom added and some inbuilt by Hubspot

@Derek_Gervais @pmanca


Hi @Jaskaran_Singh_Puri,

You can use the Contact Properties API to get contact property details: