Unable to find new contacts, and newly created custom properties for contacts



I am trouble finding newly created contacts using the Hubspot API, as well as newly created custom contact properties through the API.

When trying to find new contacts using the API, I am using the following GET request to find the contact via an email (with sensitive information removed):
I receive the following response:
{"status": "error", "message": "contact does not exist", "correlationId": , "requestId": }

However, when using the Hubspot Web UI, I am able to view the contact as normal. These contacts have been added over the past couple of days.

I am also having issues finding newly created custom contact properties as well. The property was created using the Hubspot Web UI. I have attempted to use the following two endpoints to find the property, but have found no success with either:

First I tried to find the property by it's name, by making a GET request to the following endpoint:
/properties/v1/contacts/properties/named/<name_of_custom_property>?hapikey=<api_key>, but I receive the following response
{"status":"error","message":"Couldn't find a Property with the given name '<name_of_custom_property>'"}

I then attempt to get a list of all contact properties by making a GET request to:

But the returned list does not include the custom property.

What could be causing these issues? Is there a delay between creating a contact/property through the Web UI and then accessing that information through the API? Am I using the endpoints correctly?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you.


Hi @tanpreet,

Happy to help! There shouldn't be a delay, so if these contacts and custom contact properties do exist in your account, you should immediately be able to pull them through the API. You may just be encountering a formatting issue.

I'd like to investigate a few specific examples. Would you share:

  • Your Hub ID.
  • The VID of a few contacts you are trying to pull through the Contacts API.
  • Links to a few custom contact properties you are trying to pull through the Contact Properties API.


Thank you for your response @Issac_Takushi

Hub ID: 4425422

Custom Contact Property Link: https://app.hubspot.com/property-settings/4425422/contact/provi_access_token

Contact VID: I'm unsure on how to get the VID for contacts through the web ui, however I can provide you with links to those contacts in Hubspot

Please let me know if you need any more information, or even how I can obtain the vid's for those 3 contacts without the API (if possible).


Hi @tanpreet,

Apologies for the delayed response.

How are you authenticating your requests? No API key has been generated for hub 4425422 and I don't see any custom integrations through which you could authenticate through OAuth on this page.

Are you using your developer API key? If so, it may be looking for these contacts or properties in the wrong portal.

Obviously, don't share the API key you are using here, but if you can send me a link to the page which displays it, I will be able to log in using my credentials and view it.