Unable to get the hubspotutk needed for the Get contacts by user token API



I am trying to fetch the contact using a user token. There is a value for the hubspotutk that i could get but, but using the API errors out saying that the contact does not exits.

Is there a way to get the hubspotutk associated with a contact in Hubspot?

How can I verify if the utk that I am currently using is a valid one.

Hubspot account details:

"username": "developer@cloud-elements.com"

"portalId": "3919835"


Hi @mithilagarudgslab,

When you request a contact by usertoken, are you getting a 404 not found error? Or are you getting a successful response where the is-contact field is false?

  • If you're seeing the former, it's likely that the usertoken value is invalid, or that it was created so recently that HubSpot hasn't had the chance to generate a corresponding record yet.
  • If you're seeing the latter, it's because the usertoken in question exists, but isn't associated with an 'actual' contact record yet. This is expected; not every visitor will exist in your contacts database.