Unable to import HubSpot data to SQL server



We are trying to import HubSpot data to SQL server. We have installed CData provided ODBC driver for HubSpot. The ODBC connection works fine.

But the connectivity is not succeeding on creating a linked server in SQL server management studio (screenshot of the error has been attached). We are receiving a timeout error.

Has anyone tried bringing HubSpot data to SQL server before?



Hi @Pavithra_Ramesh
How are you trying to link Hubspot to your SQL server? Is this a Hubspot feature?


Hey @Pavithra_Ramesh,

While I’m not familiar with the CData ODBC drivers, that error doesn’t appear to be HubSpot specific. After some research, it sounds like that error is related to your server’s ability to accept remote connections. The following stack overflow article offers some general troubleshooting steps for these errors. If that fails, I’d recommend reaching out to CData or checking out their support documentation (here)


hi @Pavithra_Ramesh do you mind explaining the steps to link hubspot to sql server studio? I’ve been trying to figure this out forever.