Unable to install our own app


Hi, I’m trying to install my own app into my developer portal, which I have been able to do successfully for the past couple months, but am suddenly receiving the following error from the /oauth/authorize endpoint:

My user is an administrator on the account I’m trying to authenticate with. Any thoughts on why I’m suddenly receiving this error?

App id: 37454
Portal id: 2606209


@ehynds Can you log into your test portal normally? Test portals have an expiration date associated to them. You might need to refresh it or spin up a new test portal to install your app into.


@pmanca yes, I can login to the portal. How can I refresh it?


@ehynds I did some research into this and at the moment we have a bug on our end about refreshing it. It the mean time you can create a 30 day marketing in the portal to get everything back. I started a watch on this bug and I will let you know when I have any updates.