Unable to pull data via API - Response please?


Hey, I posted this over a week ago and still haven't gotten a response.
It's quite urgent, I would really appreciate your help.

We are trying to bring hubspot data into Datorama using your API, the user we used for the API is Super Admin (yael.cohen@datorama.com).

We managed to connect but were unable to receive any data. This is the error we received:

{"status":400,"error":"Bad Request","message":"Bad Request","detailedMessage":"{"status":"error","message":"invalid offset","correlationId":"96dd307e-8533-4019-96af-171e1c4cbd19","requestId":"924211131cdaee59c1bb59a3218a41a0"}"}
LandingzoneException [processError=PROVIDER_BAD_REQUEST,Message={"status":400,"error":"Bad Request","message":"Bad Request","detailedMessage":"{"status":"error","message":"invalid offset","correlationId":"96dd307e-8533-4019-96af-171e1c4cbd19","requestId":"924211131cdaee59c1bb59a3218a41a0"}"}]

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Orl, Could you please send in some more detail on your HTTP request. What Data are you trying to get out of HubSpot?


Hey, thanks for responding.
Sure, The reason why we want to connect Hubspot to Datorama is to analyze stats related to emails that we send, specifically the Training Newsletter emails.
So the data we're trying to get is general email details (internal name, subject, sent date...) and everything that you see in the performance page - For example:

Open rate, Unique opens, Total opens, Click rate, Click through rate, Unique clicks, Top clicked links, Top engaged contacts, Time spent viewing email and more. I don't why we keep getting an error?



Have you gone through the documentation on this page? https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/email/email_events_overview

Alternatively, you can make the export to CSV manually within HubSpot at this URL https://app.hubspot.com/email/^yourportal$/manage/state/all



Hi Alexander,

Thanks for your response, the thing is we got in with Super Admin, but we didn't even manage import data. We just got an error.

Thanks, I appreciate it!


Hi all,

I'm not totally clear on whether or not this was resolved; is there anything else here I can help with?


Hi Derek,

This wasn't resolved, we're still struggling with importing data.

I would really appreciate a solution for this.

Thanks a lot!


Hi @OrL,

I understand; thank you for clarifying! So let's start with the error you're seeing. The error posted above doesn't seem related to authentication; what's the request you're trying to make? Can you give me the full request URL and body, except for your access token / hapikey?


Hi Derek,

Thanks for trying to help.

Please find attached the log info, describing the error.

Thanks a lot,


Hi @OrL,

It seems like you're responding via email; did you attach a file to the email you replied with? The built in email-to-forum-post functionality doesn't process email attachments; you can either include the info in the body of your email, or navigate to the dev forums in a web browser and upload your attachment that way.


Hi Dereck,

We finally managed to fix this issue internally. Thanks for trying to help!