Unable to retrieve campaigns using "Get all campaign IDs for a portal"



I have a developer account and created a few campaigns in it. When I try to retrieve them using the api call GET /email/public/v1/campaigns/by-id, I am getting an empty response as below:

“hasMore”: false,
“campaigns”: []

Attached screenshot of the campaigns created. Can someone suggest whats going wrong here?



Hi, I’m having the exact same issue, did you figure out how to use this endpoint to get all campaigns?


Hi all,

The endpoint you’ve mentioned does not refer to campaigns in the Campaigns tool; it’s referring to email campaigns, which have a specific meaning in the context of the Email Events API.


Thanks for the info Derek, it seems I need to spend more time to understand how email campaigns work.
I’m trying to understand if we can use the API to analyze e-mail campaigns with our product but I’m having a hard time to have e-mail campaigns working with the trial account.


Hi, I have the same issue.
I created a Campaign, I created an email and I associated them. When I query the API it returns empty data.
I read the documentation but I couldn’t found anything different to do there, and I see no distinction for Campaign and email campaign.

In any case, how can I create an “email campaign” or whatever is needed to retrieve data using this call: /email/public/v1/campaigns/by-id

thanks in advance


Hi All,

I have the same issue. I want to obtain Campaigns using /email/public/v1/campaigns/by-id call, but I receive empty data. I have 2 campaigns on my account.

What I am doing wrong?