Unable to send emails for campaigns in trial accounts


I have created webhooks for my email events and to test them I need send emails for campaigns but the trial account does not let you send emails. Is there any other way around so that i can send emails for campaigns to test my triggers? Please help me with this ASAP.


@Piyush_Sinha Can you contact your Customer success manager? They need to fill out an internal form for our email deliverability team to ungate your trial account for email access. If you can’t contact CSM i would contact support and they can point you in the right direction.


@pmanca Yes Please Contact them on my behalf. I would be grateful.


@Piyush_Sinha Have you been working with anyone internally at hubspot? Can you PM me your contact info so I can pass that along to the right person.


@pmanca No I am working as an independent developer.The portal Id for which
I want the campaign emails to be sent is 2778090.It’s an test developer


@Piyush_Sinha Thanks I will reach out internally to try and figure out the best way to handle this for a dev trial account


Hi! I am having the same issue as Piyush. I would like to test some code I’ve written integrating the ‘Get Email Events’ API and need to be able to send emails for campaigns to do so, but my dev trial account does not allow this. @Piyush_Sinha were you able to get around this and test your code? @pmanca Can you help me with this issue as well? I do not currently have a contact at Hubspot.

Thanks !!!


@katep.choptank At the moment we don’t offer the ability to test/send out emails through a HubSpot dev portal. The reason being we try to keep our sender scores at a competitive level and do not want test emails to erode that from our live customers.