Unable to update a custom property using update contact property API



Per the below link, I am trying to update one of my custom property to datetime using Update contact property API.

The request succeeds. However, when I go to the contact settings and view the property, I am seeing the following error:

[missing "en-us.properties.fieldTypes.text " translation].

My API call is as follows:

“name”: “salesforce_created_date__c”,
“label”: “Salesforce Created Date”,
“groupName”: “salesforceinformation”,
“fieldType”: "text ",
“type”: “datetime”,
“formField”: true


@jmichaelRS Do you have existing values in your contact database under that field? It might be throwing you an issue saying it can’t convert old values from a string to a datetime correctly.


This is a new field. I tried deleting and creating it as a single-line text field. I then called the contact property API to update the field to datetime. Even though the update API returns success, if I view the field in HubSpot, I can still see the error. Attached is the screen shot before and after update


@jmichaelRS Did this have the same internal name as a previous field? Not sure if that would be the issue or not. I also wonder if it conflicts with an internal name that is used with our SF integration. Are you currently using the SF integration from HubSpot?


My bad. On closer look I found that my fieldType was "text " instead of “text”.

This issue can be closed


@jmichaelRS Glad you found it!! it’s always the little things that get us