Unable to use the analytics data for specific objects API in Klipfolio


I tried using this URL
https://api.hubapi.com/analytics/v2/reports/forms/total?hapikey=demo1&start=20180101&end=20180301 exactly as the documentation has described in Klipfolio, but I keep getting an error:

We encountered an error when we tried to fetch your data. Try again. If you still have problems, contact our support gurus.

Wanted to confirm that this is the correct syntax before going to Klipfolio? Extremely urgent if someone could help immediately! Much appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

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Welcome, @andrew_lee97!

Apologies for the delayed response. The Developer Support Team strives to respond to new topics within two working days. If you ever want immediate assistance with minor API-related issues, HubSpot support is always available over the phone and can help get the ball rolling.

That said, the request URL format you copied is valid for this endpoint. Are you still encountering that error? Was it a 400 response or some other error code? If you provide your Hub ID, I can try to replicate the issue, if it is not already resolved.


Hub ID is 23880. Thanks for the response, would ideally like this
resolved as soon as possible!



Hi @andrew_lee97,

Thank you for sharing that information.

I tested the https://api.hubapi.com/analytics/v2/reports/forms/total?start=20180101&end=20180301 request URL in Postman with your API key and received this error:

Apparently, an Enterprise-level subscription is required to access this Analytics API endpoint with an API key. Unfortunately, your current subscription is not sufficient for this type of authentication.

The Analytics API data is accessible via an OAuth integration, but if Klipfolio is using your API key rather than an OAuth token, you may have limited options.

I'll look into having our documentation updated, but could you share a link to the Klipfolio documentation you followed?