Uncaught error and syntax error from the file which doesn't exist


Hi, this weird error is coming in the console and it's coming from the file which I have deleted from the file system of hubspot. All the popup forms are blocked because of this.This the the preview link of the page:


The error was coming from files that were being linked within your custom module here: https://app.hubspot.com/beta-design-manager/3906991/modules/6738426529 in the CSS section. I commented them out. This doesn't appear to be related to why your popups are not working. I'll continue to look to see why your popups aren't working, but this template relies on very specific minified JS from the Act2 template, that it's very hard to understand what's going on under the hood with this.


Well, I had to make another template and pages but now popups are working there


@Abhishek_Sharma, good to hear! I was working on your previous template but wasn't able to resolve the issue in the time I was able to dedicate to troubleshooting your issue


Hey @Abhishek_Sharma, as a follow up to your issue. through a whole bunch of trial and error, I’m pretty certain that everything needed to make the pop-up work is there on your original template. I think all that’s needed for a popup to show up is jquery, an anchor link (possibly with an href that has a non-empty hash and) the classes custButton popup-content, and the act2.min.js file which attaches the evenListener.

Those are all present on the “broken” page. As far as I can tell the culprit is the empty hash values in the tabber module here: https://app.hubspot.com/beta-design-manager/3906991/templates/6637879625#module=1543496506903678. The “working” page has the same module, but no empty hashes.

If there’s 1 <li> in that module that has an empty hash like <a href="#"> then the pop-up doesn’t work. But if you change it to <a href="#1"> just for example, then the pop-up works again. somehow the act2.min.js can’t attach the click event listener when that happens. Seems like an oversight on the part of the template creators.


Yes, But when I put form ID in the href of a tag then still I don't show the popups. Anyway , the new template I made is working fine with the popups but there is one last thing which is blocking me to publish the website and that's the nav bar menu.It is not showing in the mobile screen , in fact I am seeing menu from the template(Act2). All I need is the menu which appears on the full screen. Please If you could tell me how to sort this one problem so I can go ahead and publish the website right away.


Hi @Abhishek_Sharma, which template is your new one?



if you see on the mobile screen, the menu bar is broken and I am not able to fix it.


Hi @Abhishek_Sharma, it's not perfect but I made a couple adjustments. The menu is at least usable now


@Connor_Barley it's beautiful now, can we have any way where we can float logo and hamburger to left and right on mobile screen without messing with the full screen menu adjustment. PFA


Hi @Abhishek_Sharma, without some major refactoring of this module there's no way for me to do this for you. There's a lot of messy code here and would take a good amount of effort by a professional freelancer to do.


Well thank you so much for all the efforts, I really appreciate you. Thanks again @Connor_Barley


No problem @Abhishek_Sharma :slight_smile: