Understanding single Deal update just for a single Property Group



We have created 7 different property groups and want to manage the flow of the interface one group at time. Initially we will create the deal and then update each of the groups. Is the property group function used in this? Or are we identifying each of the properties as part of the update function? If it is the later, what is the purpose of the property group?

I am not a programmer. Thank you for your help...

Regards Martin


Hi @martinwest60,

Just to make sure that we're on the same page, by 'manage the flow of the interface' are you referring to the update happening in some external system? Are you updating these properties programmatically via the API? Are you updating the value of these properties for deal records, or are you updating the property definitions themselves?


Hi Derek, Yes we have manually created new fields in the deal property table and are programatically from an external app updating the values of these fields in the groups we defined... (no programatic creation of property or property groups). Once stored in CRM these are used via your HubSpot integration to PandaDoc. Some data is directly input to hubspot.

Regards Martin


Hi @martinwest60,

I understand. If you're updating these property values for particular object records programmatically, there isn't really any benefit to updating the properties of particular property groups in a particular order. It's more effective to include every property (from every property group) in the same request, and update them all at once. I've included the documentation for updating a particular contact record (the docs for other objects can be found in the sidebar); these docs include example requests that might prove useful: