Unexpected 429 error API call limits


Hi I just want some clarification on how I’ve managed to exceed the daily limits.
I have two windows services written in C# using the API key which synchronize our internal CRM with our hubspot instances of which we have two. One service reads from the api and the other service writes to the api.
My own logging suggests I make no more than 1700 requests in any given 24hr period. I have a 1/4 second sleep before any call is made and a test to not exceed 10k calls in 24hrs which I now see has been raised to 40k.
The original service versions never hit any limits and since my rebuild to add in our extra hubspot instance I’m now getting this issue. Our hubspot domains are contractingwise.co.uk and contractingscout.co.uk and we have the enterprise version.
Can you help me find out where I’m going wrong please?
best regards,


Hi @jeremy

I’ll need some more details for this, I’ll reach out to you directly.