Unique ID maximum values


Hi, we are looking to store contact ids (and owner ids) in our database for syncing.

Two questions;

  1. Will these ids always be integers or will they ever by alphanumeric?

  2. If they are integers, what is the maximum value?
    If they are alphanumeric, what is the maximum string length?



Hi @josh,

Contact vid values are integers, so you won’t see any alphanumeric strings. In theory, vids can be as large as needed; they’re currently stored as unsigned 64-bit integers, but could be scaled up to be arbitrarily large. In practice, you likely won’t see vids larger than 7-8 digits. Can I ask why you’re interested in the maximum size of vids?


Hi @Derek_Gervais ,

Thanks for your helpful answer!
To facilitate syncing we are looking to store vids in our database and I just wanted to make sure I was using the correct data types for the fields.