Unique thank-you URL's (form submissions) via Hubspot, messing up Google Analytics



We're using Hubspot for a few weeks now and we noticed that since we've included our Thank-you page in Hubspot, our Google Analytics numbers seem to be incorrect.

Our Analytics Goal settings:

Goal Details
Begins with: /start/thank-you/

When a user fills in our form on our Hubspot twice, Google Analytics registers 2 goal completions, for the same user. For example:

  • We want to make sure that Analytics is only registering 1 completion, for every unique form submission (every /start/thank-you/ visit)

Does anyone knows a solution for this? Either in the Goal Settings on Analytics or in Hubspot settings?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @WisseDeKempenaer,

The submissionGuid query parameter will always be included, and will always be unique, so my gut tells me that it'll have to somehow be filtered out on the GA side. Try checking out this GA help doc that covers destination goals with dynamic URLs: