Unknown Contacts Search API failure: [500] in Get Recently Modified Companies Request



I got 500 error in get request for the last modified companies.
The response is:

{"status":"error","message":"Unknown Contacts Search API failure: [500] {\"status\":\"error\",\"message\":\"internal error\",\"correlationId\":\"c1b4ed08-2259-4aa9-9c33-320ec3f7fed2\",\"requestId\":\"7a454d83-8f26-4a61-9784-a12d26f8cd5f\"}","correlationId":"c1b4ed08-2259-4aa9-9c33-320ec3f7fed2","requestId":"a229c3103913468f7d25c60426329288"}


Hi @iva.nikolova,

What are you setting for batch size? High request volumes with high batch sizes can occasionally lead to 500 errors; can you try reducing your batch size a bit?