Unread Email Events



I am attempting to retrieve a list of unread email event data by a recipient or campaign. I reviewed the API details and setup logic to retrieve emails events for a recipient using the “DELIVERED” type. I noticed that the response does not include the email subject or a URL to the email content. I found that subject is included if I look for “SENT” event types. However, I want only emails that were delivered but not opened (unread).

Is there another way to pull that email event data which includes those fields?



Hi Mike,

If you’re looking to retrieve recipients who have received an email but not engaged you can GET anyone who has a DELIVERED event type but no OPEN or CLICK type, which would indicate their server accepted the message but no inbox-specific actions have been taken.

If you need subject line, only the initial SENT events contain the subject line for a message.

Message body for a given email is not retrievable via API, but you are able to access previously created email templates depending on what you’re looking to accomplish. I would start here: