Unresponsive form when set to inline message



I am encountering a strange issue with one of my forms. The form is embedded in a custom module using the HUBL syntax. When I redirect the form to a thank you page the form submits correctly and redirects, no problem.

As soon as I switch to using an inline thank you message the form no longer seems to work. There are no validation states applied so I assume that the form submits the data correctly, however the callback that shows the message is not running.

How can I figure out what is going wrong?

No inline message displayed when form embedded to rich text area using HubL

Hi @MikeyWallis,

Can you link to the page this form is on? I’d like to do some testing.


Hi @Derek_Gervais

Sent you an inbox, thanks.


I am also having the same problem. An embedded form is not displaying an in-line thank you message when the form is submitted. How can I fix this issue?

here is a link to where the form is located https://www.fuigo.com/journal/sales-tax-for-interior-designers


Hi @jfrank7588,

If you edit the form module from the page editor, is there an inline thank you message specified?


We’re having the exact same problem. The form is embedded to a rich text area on a HubSpot page using HubL. The form has an inline message defined in form settings. When the form is submitted, nothing seems to happen but the submission is successful nevertheless. When the user reloads the page, the user can fill the form again.

However, if you add the HubL parameter “response_message”, the page is reloaded after the submission and then you can see the form being replaced by the value of the response_message parameter. But I’d expect to see the inline thank you message right after the form submission.

Has anyone found a solution yet?


Hi @ollipuu,

Can you create a new topic with links to the page and form in HubSpot so that I can address your issue specifically?


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

we are having the same problem. I thought I might get some answers on this post, but I couldn't find any solution.

We're having an unresponsive form on IOS tablet devices when set to inline message. We are current using it on this page: https://www.greenpeace.org.br/cone-day

When the user presses the button, nothing seems to happen - but its data is being collected and the submission is successful.

However, the inline thank you message is not displayed and the user needs to reload the page to submit any new data.

Could you help me fix it?

Thanks so much.



Hi @Julia_Marubayashi,

What version of iOS is your device using?


The Ipad we are currently testing on its iOS 9.3.5

Yesterday, we've tested on several Ipads during an activity and we had a problem in all of them... but I can't confirm its version (although it's probably newer).


Hi @Julia_Marubayashi,

That's interesting; I'm able to reproduce this on older versions of iOS, but not newer versions. I'd recommend updating iOS where possible; I'll file an issue internally to example the examples I can reproduce to see what might be going on. I'll update in this thread when I have more information.