Unsubscribe contact from Contacts endpoint?


Is it possible to Unsubscribe a HubSpot contact by using the Contacts Update (or Update Batch) endpoints? The Unsubscribe field seems to be a Contact Property like the others, so I’m wondering if I can include it’s value in an insert/update.

I know that contact’s can be unsubscribed by the Email Unsubscribe endpoint at: api.hubapi.com/email/public/v1/subscriptions/

but is that the only endpoint that can do it?



Hi @tajulhuque

You’ll need to use the Email API to unsubscribe contacts. The hs_email_optout property and related opt out properties for individual subscription types will reflect the contact’s current status, but the properties are read-only and set by the email system.

Subscription Types for Contact will not be supported by KingswaySoft - Need Help

Got it. Thanks for the quick reply


Hey @dadams,

If I want to unsubscribe a contact from a specific list can I do it from my own form via the email api? I am only seeing a mass unsubscribe, am i missing something?


Figured this out here

have not yet implemented but looks like it going to work.