Unsubscribe Email from Constant Contact after Hubspot Submission


I was wondering if you guys have a second to help me out with something.

We will also be using constant contact to market prospects but we want to remove them whenever they fill out a form on our website or landing page (Hubspot).

I need to setup an api call that unsubscribes or removes a person from our contant contact account when a hubspot form is submitted.

So I can run a workflow in hubspot to trigger a webhook but don’t know what to put in there.

I was able to find somewhat of a temporary solution using a Zapier integration.

It is setup where if someone gets added to a list in Hubspot they are moved to a new list in Constant Contact which we will not send to.

Haven’t figured out how to update the person and unsubscribe them in Constant Contact. They are just being added to a list which we dont send to but they actually aren’t unsubscribed.

If I can unsubscribe that email in constant contact with zapier that would work too.

Or is there another way to do this?

Any suggestions?