Unwanted comma inserted into company property



We have a company property which is a numeric user id.

We’ve added and updated our company properties via the API, but we seen that HubSpot is inserting an unwanted comma into the numbers that are over 999.

We use this number in URL strings to personalise links that are used in emails, but because of this comma the links do not work.

Example user id we want to use: www.mydomain.com/account/12345

Example user id we are seeing after using the personalisation token for user id: www.mydomain/account/12,345

Anyone have any ideas how we can have the field show as a number in hubspot without the comma?


@d.greenhalgh I was able to replicate this. I would try and see if you can convert the number using hubl to an int and see if that helps.


@d.greenhalgh After doing some extra testing myself I would recommend using a text property to hold some sort of ID.
That way you won’t have to deal with the comma in any way.