Up to Date Change Source Values



I am wondering if there is an up to date KB article on the valid change sources and a definition of what they mean?

In my webhook request payload I am getting change source values that I don't see in this KB article:

For example, I am seeing a change source of "CONTACTS":


which is not listed in the KB article.



Welcome, @colinr!

That article is the best and only resource we have at this time, but I'm happy to investigate further and submit feedback to the team which maintains the Knowledge Base.

Could you share links to a few contact records showing the changeSource CONTACTS? Please specify which properties you're looking at.


thanks for the info! I think I figured out how to recreate this change source of "CONTACTS".

When I:

  • Select a single contacts checkbox from the Contact Search UI
  • Click Edit
  • Select a property such as "City", change the value and save
  • The Webhook is sent with a change source of "CONTACTS"

However, when I:

  • Navigate to a single Contacts detail UI
  • Update a property such as "City" and save
  • The Webhook is sent with a change source of "CRM_UI"

So there is a difference in the change source when modifying contact data via the contacts search UI and a single contacts detail UI.

Might be something good to add to that KB document.


Nice digging, @colinr!

In that case, the CONTACTS change source must be a holdover from when HubSpot didn't truly have a CRM — it was just the "contacts tool."

I'll pass the feedback to the Knowledge Base team. Thanks!

For others viewing this topic, the CONTACTS and CRM_UI change sources can be similar in that they both reflect manual user edits, however the CRM_UI umbrella also includes automated changes.