Upcoming events endpoint broken?


I GET the following URL: https://api.hubapi.com/automation/v2/workflows/1350987/logevents/contacts/7246/upcoming?access_token=xxx

I’ve doubled check that 1350987 is a valid workflow id in my sandbox and that 7246 is the vid of one of the contacts that’s enrolled in it. Whenever I fire the request off I get 404 Not Found. The other workflow events seems to be working fine.


Hi @Adam

I’m seeing the same problem on a test portal. I’m passing this along to our Workflows team to see if there’s a problem with that endpoint.


@Adam after checking with the Workflows team, that endpoint was deprecated due to a lack of use, and the doc wasn’t removed when that happened. I’ve removed the doc for the endpoint since there isn’t currently an endpoint with that functionality.

Can you tell me what you were planning on using that data for?


Hi @dadams,

We’re building an ODBC driver for HubSpot, so we just wanted as complete coverage of the endpoints as possible. If that endpoint is no longer supported, frankly it makes our jobs a bit easier!