Update contact by email, does not update


I am attempting to update life cycle stage via API. I receive the 204 status code but when I look at my contact on the web app, no data has been modified
I then receive a 204 No Content status code. However, the field shows no sign of any update made.Any reason this issue happens and a solution?


Hi @reneed,

Can you post the full request you’re making so that I can take a look?



I was testing with postman

I receive 200 OK but when I check, there are no changes.


Hi @reneed,

That all seems ok. Can you send me a link to that contact in HubSpot so that I can troubleshoot in your portal?


The link is:

Thanks so much for helping.


Hi @reneed,

I went ahead and jumped into your portal to take a look at that contact, and the Lifecycle Stage property history seems a bit strange. It looks like your user is listed as the change source for all of this contact's Lifecycle Stage updates is a user's email address, which means that the user manually updated the property. Are each of these Lifecycle Stage updates coming from your postman requests? Or are you manually changing the property during your testing?


Hi @Derek_Gervais
All the changes were manually done by me, none of my postman requests worked.


Hi @reneed,

I understand, thanks for the clarification. Have you tried testing this using a different rest client? Perhaps something like this:


Hi @Derek_Gervais,
I tried the rest Client above and it worked for lifecyclestage some time ago , then I tried again last night and it didn't work for "lifecyclestage" but it worked for "firstname". Any Idea why this is happening and a possible solution?
I switched to using this contact - https://app.hubspot.com/contacts/1753938/contact/15052154/?interaction=note


Hi @reneed,

Are you trying to set the Lifecycle Stage property backwards? If you're trying to set the Lifecycle Stage property 'up' the funnel (e.g. from Customer to Lead) you first need to clear the property, then set it to the earlier value.


HI @Derek_Gervais
Yes, I'm trying to go from Customer to Marketqualifiedlead. What do you mean by clear the property? Set it to empty string ?


Hi @reneed,

That's exactly correct. Keep in mind that clearing the Lifecycle Stage property will also clear the corresponding "Became a {{Lifecycle Stage}}" properties.


Thank you so much it worked!.